not really a club, but i wanted to make a thread that all the buell guys could correspond through. I'll start off by introducing myself and how i got into buells.

My name is Ricky, Im a fresno air nat. guard vet of 6 years, recently got out in march, and am now a full time student. I got into bikes last year and wish i had done it a LONG time ago. I got my first bike in last June, a Buell Blast. I did a few mods to it (cafe bars, rejet, ign) and put about 10k miles on it between June and November, when i bought my current bike, a 96 Buell S1 Lightning (see pic to the left). This bike opened me up to a new world of vtwin umph! Ive done a few mods to it as well, XB wheels/forks/heads (stg3)/drive belt & primary sprockets/intake/exhaust/rocker covers + breathers and my most current mod (under installation at the moment) is a Veypor gauge system.

So i thought i'd make this thread so we can all get together and talk buells, and maybe organize a few Buell rides around the area as well. also parts are getting hard to come by these days, especially for those of us with older bikes like myself.

happy buelling!