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Thread: LED Turn Signals

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    Default LED Turn Signals

    Ok Guys I need some help. I went out and bought new LED flush mounts for my Wifes ninja 250. I wired them up (correctly by the way) and there is a problem. The all come on. I was confused and put all the stock ones on the same way. And the worked fine. I tried twenty watt restricters on all the lights. I tried every companation posible. I then had Augi come over and we worked on it also. He and I are at a loss. I know it is simple but I really need some advise. How in the heck do I get them to blink correctly. What else do I need to buy.
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    Default Re: LED Turn Signals

    Nothing in the flush mount installation notes that helps?
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    Default Re: LED Turn Signals

    I don't know if this will help, but on my katana I had to power the lights through the flasher fuse. Then complete the cricuit through seprate grounds running in the switch. Also used ballist(?) resistor on + line to slow flash.
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