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Thread: Memorial Day

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    Unhappy Memorial Day


    It is been a while since I've posted regularly. Sadly I am memorializing a person that I know that was killed yesterday 5/25/2020 by a motorcyclist.

    I have been riding bikes a long while and have never been in a situation where I even come close to running down a bicyclist. He lives off Auberry Road and was rear ending by a motorcyclist when out on a Sunday morning to exercise. Both were heading South downhill to town. So far the CHPs told his wife that her husband swerved out in front of the the Motorcyclist that said he was riding 55 MPH which was told to the officers. The rider was not under the influence or altered This was full sunlight right before noon. Both were wearing helmets.

    The Motorcyclist supposedly had a right arm injury. The person I know was pronounced deceased at the scene.

    Was the person I know swerving to avoid a obstacle? Did you see him swerve and you couldn't swerve too? Did he swerve all the way to the middle of the road for some reason? Did you even see him to slow down?

    I am sadly trying to rationalize how this happened. ;(

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    Default Re: Memorial Day

    Wow, so sorry for your loss. I remember hearing the news on this and thinking what a sad day it was when two, two wheel enthusiast had such a devastating incident. I know when I'm out on the motorbike, I take it easy around bicyclists, as they have in the past been a little unpredictable on the road. That being said, I have never once had even a close encounter as I passed, but then again I don't think I've ever passed a bicyclist on a two lane road doing 55mph.

    I hope his friends and family can get past the sadness soon, and try to remember all the good times with him rather then this horrific end.

    Godspeed Steven Meunier.

    Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle.

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