There's a lot to catch up on,

I'm currently sitting at my desk, booking my rooms for the last 7 rounds of Monster Energy Supercross and as I look at the things in front next to me on my work bench, and look at the bikes here in my garage, I chuckle thinking back to the first time I'd ever signed up to this forum and what has happened since. I've met life long friends through here that still keep in contact with to this day. I've buried friends that I've met through here. My career in motorsports started from contacts I've met here. This sounds crazy to say, but this forum gave me a lot of opportunities, that I otherwise would not of been exposed to, to pursue a career in motorsports.

The people I've met in person and/or have ridden with, always showed love and support for anything I'd been involved in. Even through hard times when I had to transition through doing my own thing hustling, I still had food on the table because of people I've met here. Whether it was putting in a good word, or providing me with things to work on, I always had enough to keep a living.

Those days at CWS really taught me a lot about business, people, and no matter how little you got, you can always turn NOTHING into SOMETHING as long as you had the balls to do it.

It was a long 12 year grind to get here, and the grinding never stops. I'm one of the fortunate few that has not missed a beat since the shelter in place. Just before this whole covid-19 outbreak, I was traveling with the pro supercross series for my 4th season providing trackside services for the one thing that I've been know for since day one, TIRES. Except these ones are offroad tires, and they're DUNLOPS! lol if you would've told me or Matt 10 years ago that I'd be making a living changing dunlop offroad tires I would've jumped out a window. Back then I'd pinch 2 tubes per change and whatever money was to be made, went to tubes! Turns out there's a technique that goes into it, who'd of thought?

Anyway daytona was our last race, then things started getting weird. I was on a plane to the 11th round which was in Indy, and while I was in flight, Dean Wilson leaked that the race was cancelled. Some of the yamaha guys were on my flight and they ended up just staying on the plane and headed home. I stayed the night and took the first flight out the next morning.

The flight back was mainly our guys, the contracted television crew for NBC, Rockstar Husky, and Geico Honda. It was weird because you realized that some people had good job security and a backup plan, while others had their funds tied up into the season and were basically going into the hole within 2 weeks time. Some guys looked like they'd seen a ghost, while others were looking relieved that they had a little bit of downtime coming up.

I got back home in Nor Cal and fortunately for me I was able to maintain work during the week with my second job at Motion Pro. So all this shelter in place meant to me was that I had less travel, and part time work turned into full time work. So these last few months have consisted of a lot of R&D work out of my garage and some Race Support work from my desk (also in my garage). Frequent mountain bike rides and road cycling has been peppered over my work weeks as well.

Also, the time with family at the house has been much needed and to be honest, eye opening. I've had the opportunity to look back and be thankfull for where I am and what I've been able to be a part of. The time I'd spent trolling trolls, poking fun, and talking outta my ass thinking I know everything are now good memories that I'm really thankful for and glad that I have them. How I survived is beyond me.