Well, after about 10 years of saying riding Laguna Seca was on my bucket list, I finally got to check it off this past weekend.

My bike had been parked in the garage untouched for about the last 4 years, and when I finally decided to get back into the sport and throw some money at my bike, I still had hesitations on if I was throwing money away on something I might not want to do again. After my buddy convinced me that if I dialed it in I would have a great time, I decided to give it the full race bike treatment. Fortunately I got smokin deals on everything because I was reminded why track riding became strenuous in the first place, it's friggin expensive! But, it all came to fruition this weekend when I got my bike back from Gary at Meen Motorsports who threw the kitchen sink at it, and it blew me away in the difference everything made. My jaw hurt by the second session from the smile I had going ear to ear, not to mention the fact I was on one of the most iconic tracks in American road racing history. It was truly one of the greatest days of my life.

I'll try and update with some pictures if I find any on the photographers website when they load them, but you can see myself and Josh talking about the day and some video of (mostly him) and myself riding with a special guest on Josh's new YouTube series; "life of a racer" at the following link: