Picked her up in mid jan for $2900. Then and Now.
Rode her only on the weekends for a month then the battery died. Took battery to autozone to get it recharged.
2 weeks after this, it died again.
Was set to buy a new battery but was advised to check the stator and R/R, I found this. http://i.imgur.com/Ej5ni6b.jpg

I replaced it http://i.imgur.com/A42AxCz.jpg
and went ahead and replaced the R/R as well. Battery was dead once it was all installed so I plugged her up to me cheap Battery Maintainer I got at walmart for $20
Figured it would give it enough juice to go and give the stator a chance to charge her right up(at least that's how I think it works). Took her out today and she ran well until I got about 4mi or 30min on her and the she died on me, good thing I wasn't on a big busy road. I barley got her back home.

Thoughts? I was thinking of taking the battery to autozone again and if it dies, I would get a new one.