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  1. Ahhhh... Bummer ya this weekend.
  2. Is it this weekend? If so I'll be in Long Beach for a wedding from Thurs-Sunday.
  3. Sooo why arent you going to WARPED? If you are working there should be some riding on sunday as long as we arent trashed hungover.

    Talk wheelie Will into ride sharing with you saturday after you get off work and ride sunday??
  4. Hah... Thanks... Been a blast out in the sand.
  5. Happy Birthday bud!
  6. I'm doin Laguna the 28th. Definitely won't be missing that one. We gotta get a ride in soon.
  7. Sorry - didn't mean to bring you down about missing something fun. Memorial Day is the next monday state holiday for me ... You doing a track day that day? Leguna Secca or something? If not maybe git dirt?
  8. Haha, it's a funny pic. I was just checking out your post. I really wish I could go but there's no way I could get a Fri/Sat off Sounds like a fun time tho.
  9. Whatcha doing april 13-15?

    And as a side not lmao @ go down on yer sister pic! Das sooo wrong.
  10. Crap that is a good deal. Wish I had money for it right now. Just spent all my play money on restoring my dad's 71 CZ 400.
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