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  1. Happy bday!
  2. i have joaquin to thank! he didn't believe it either. He thot someone else was using my gear! lol
  3. Hah yep. I never believed you rode until that profile pic.
  4. thnx lol....its a slow shot but at least its proof i really do ride! lol
  5. Love the new profile pic!
  6. np. let me know if i have to fix the pix info. wat to make sure its corrected asap, if nec.
  7. Ok thanks.
  8. sorry i dont. um....fernando/beeline12000 is the one who told me it was him (big kahuna) in the pix. u mite want to try beeline12000.
  9. Hey-do you have Big Kahuna's user name? I can't find him on the forums...I don't think it's actually Big Kahuna as you might think.
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