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  1. What i meant on L quality lens in NIKON mount........They are NIKON BEST QUALITY lenses and every bit as good as any Canon best and some say can't be beat?? LIke for portraits the 85mm f/1.8.......these are very expensive lenses.....I have the Nikon 70-200 f/2.8....They are over 2k and primo lens quality....If you buy PRO QUALITY NIKON lens there is not much better ........keep your camera and spend money on better lenses???? But do what suits you Sam and your needs........
  2. I have the s90 when they first came out.....Excellent pocket camera, and what i USED when i was riding for moving shots....You can buy L quality lenses in NIKON mount. They are better quality than the lenses you have bought. Full Frame MAYBE for landscape but portraits not so sure.......I am not up on portraits....Get what you want that fits your shooting needs........I am NOT riding and have the Ducati down at Wilsons to sell and maybe Spring, Sell the FJR Yamaha and stop riding at all......Right now health not good for riding anymore..May change but i doubt it.....Write me or call and we can have lunch???? Good luck Sam........
  3. Hey buddy, I pick up a canon s95. Good for a pocket camera. I'm thinking of selling the D7000 to get a 5D1 or mark ii. Going FF and an canon L lens. I've been shooting a lot of portrait lately.
  4. I found it. 1/125 at iso 100.
  5. You remember flank that ride and shoot awesome photo with the 5dii right? What did he set his shuttle speed to and what setting did he use?
  6. Can you send me some picture of the White Sands Missle Range? I look it up, pretty interesting. Also where is a good place to stay overnight by the grand canyon? Theres no way I can do new Mexico in one day. I have president day off maybe that might be a the chance.
  7. What's in New Mexico? I've been thinking about vancouver canada for sometime now. Not sure when I can go. I'll do the lone pine ride with you and bill when the snow melt. Long ride plan for me this year is hoping I can make it to yellowstone maybe June/July? Unless there is another interest play to see that is close by. I'm not going to be able to make my own ride this saturday. Ill have to find time to fill in a quick ride.
  8. Hey Carlo, how you been? Do you have any rides plan for this year? Like overnighter or something. Looking forwarding to riding with you again.
  9. Did you do DV?
  10. Yep, went to Joshua Tree NP. I'll post up in a bit.
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