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  1. For Sure! I was pissed. I read the Sat. ride and thought it was for Sun. and was all pumped cause I thought I'd be able to me a few of the CVR people along with riding with everyone. Then I realised it was already going on. So then I saw the Team Flatline Riders ride and did the same thing and didn't look at the date. lol So figured screw it and did my own ride out of Fresno. lol Next time Bro!
  2. Sorry Bro, if I could have made it I would have since you were up in my neck of the woods and all. Hope you had a great day, hope to ride with ya soon!
  3. For sure. I thought Flatline was doing a ride today, but I see it was in So I'll probably just head up 41 to 49 and over to lil dragon then 49 home. Seems like no ones riding today. If I'd paid attention I could've left early and caught the guys up north. My bad. lol
  4. Just did my big ride yesterday, probably not going to be able to get out again today. My schedule is finally opening up, need to get out and ride more this year. Going to do another Dragon and Kobe burger run soon. I'll post up on both forums when I do and hopefully we'll be able to finally meet.
  5. Hey Bro, I'm down in Fresno tonight thinking of doing some riding in the morning. Anything other than the Flatliners ride going on? You riding?
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