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  1. have a good one yo, Bill needs to tend to you today
  2. Oh now you are speaking my language!
  3. yes it has..I'll see if I can get Mor to make some egg rolls and spring rolls and have y'als come over
  4. It hasn't been since last year has it?? Damn! time is flying...We need to have a together soon!
  5. how you been yo? haven't seen you since last year.
  6. Am I in clovis right now? Or is the house in Clovis? The house is in Fresno, but the schools are Clovis...
  7. Are you in Clovis?
  8. Bill won't let me out of the house... : )
  9. wa dup yo, haven't seen you in awhile... whats going on?
  10. I didn't produce that picture, I found it just like that. I knew Jer will like it.
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