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  1. I am loving that thing & have made quite a few mods to it. It's a beast & if you like the desert, it's right at home there & a blast to drive
  2. Kelly, how are you liking your Raptor? I'm looking into getting one sometime soon.
  3. Happy Birthday Kelly
  4. Happy Birthday Kelly!
  5. Thanks for the thumbs up
  6. He doesn't have an account on here. That's my room-mate tho, so whenever he takes it out there I'm going to ride with him and come say hey.
  7. Glad to hear you're enjoying the Power Commander. Your friend contacted me about doing the same for him. What's his name on here?
  8. Should be here Tuesday/Wednesday. PM me your number & I'll call you when it arrives
  9. As soon as possible would work for me. I can take it over there one night after work, and come back for it whenever it's done. Got BW on Sunday (fathers day) but it's free all week.
  10. Let me know what day you want to get it done & I'll have it ready.
    This is for your '07 Gixxer? I will order it for you.
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