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  1. damn man that sucks. I'm getting over a bug too. Stupid weather can't make up its mind! Well we shall ride very soon!
  2. I got sick Tuesday and barely started feeling better Saturday. Missed out on the desert, and was laid up in bed all day Thursday, so I didn't even get any good food. Definitely ready for a ride!
  3. How was your desert trip? My husky has been parked for the last week. A cracked form in one of the radiator hoses so of course I had to order it directly from Husqvarna. Should be getting it this week and will be wanting to ride asap!
  4. you pretty much control everything; lean angle, brakes, gears, handle bar input. From what I've heard it literally takes months before you even get decent. But it's one of those things where once you get it, you'll love it. And the best part there is real replica series and tracks. Live telecasts but these are pros I'm talking about. I say we both pickup a copy this weekend! lol
  5. Graphics look pretty cool. Wonder how it plays.
  6. check out this game for the PC. MX Simulator
    [ame=""]MX Simulator: 2012 450 Supercross Testing - YouTube[/ame]
    I have yet to buy it and from what I've been told the learning curve is pretty damn steep
  7. Doooo it!
  8. I'm thinking a dual sort next....
  9. Yes sir I do. As soon as they are open, I will be there.
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