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  1. Will do... I spent a lot of time with Rusty this season and that really helped me smooth out and ride a lot more calculated.
  2. check out gary semics riding vidoes. they smothed out my style and hit the ground a lot less.
  3. 2 concussions, sprained wrists, sprained ankle.
    Collapsed lung, 3 weeks in the hospital and portion of my lung removed.
    And then a bunch of misc cartilage tearing in my knees and shoulders.
    All separate occasions.
    I wouldn't say I'm anywhere near intermediate abilty... At a big national with a full gate, I'm dead center of the pack in novice if I'm riding strong. Local stuff I usually get top 3 in novice.
  4. That's cool. You have some natural talent. Any injury's yet?
  5. Got ya.... I'm trying to get to intermediate on my ring dinger but I feel like I'm really giving up a lot of ground against these four strokes. I rode a 250f around porterville and within 2 laps I felt I was going faster than I ever have on my 125
  6. I still moto. Just old, fat and out of shape. I pritty much stopped speed wise in the novice class. I won the 02 cma o'neal series in the 250 beginner class. (250 2stk) that was the last time I raced beginner did 1 or 2 races in 03. Then didnt race till I got the 08 novice.
  7. Heyy what class were you racing before you got outta moto?
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