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  1. Cool, headed of to tulare right now. Don't forget AX is on before SX tonight.
  2. I am @ work till about noon today then I had plans to go snowboarding tomorrow but I'm not sure if I still am or not. Supercross starts live tonight!
  3. What's going on this weekend?
  4. Happy BIRTHDAY!
  5. Who's backyard is dat?

    [ame=""]Backyard SingleTrack - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Happy Birthday!
  7. Ya, I can pick you up no problem. No worries on the gas, that spot is only like 5 minutes from my house. About what time were you thinking?
  8. will you pick me up at Academy and 180? ill split gas with you.
  9. Happy birthday Byron.

    I'm game for riding tomorrow, what did you have in mind? Dual sports or?? We could go same as last time but actually turn up towards shaver instead of bugging out, I still want to explore more back in that area.
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