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  1. Happy Birthday Junior!
  2. Hey Jon what are some good cycling routes Near Brawley and Bullard?
  3. Dirt sounds good hahahaha been riding hard lately. Gonna try and do some dirt races since I put roadracing on hold for now. I wish I could do longer rides but time does not permit lol it's still hard for me to get into rhythm for the first 5 miles after that I can be a little more consistent but not where you guys are at haha
  4. Sounds like you're still getting some good rides in tho! We're gonna have to ride soon. Dirt or road... haha
  5. What's going on Jon. I have been just not as much as I would like I only do 3 days and they are only 20miles on flat land lol. Promotion at work and one guy leaving put a lot of more work on my plate so I've been working alot lately.
  6. Sup Junior? You been riding the road bike much?
  7. Nitto trail grapplers. They are 285/70/17's. 17" wheel. Basically a 33" tire.
  8. Jon what size tire and wheel are on your truck also what tire is it I really like that tire.
  9. Hey JR, if you really plan on doing any real trail riding, you should prolly go for a 250. 125's are fun to play on but when it comes to trail riding, sometimes you get into some stuff that a 250 makes so much easier.
  10. Yea the 12th I'll know for sure next week.
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