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  1. Hey the YZ is still leaking water is either the water pump or just the gasket/o-ring from the bike, you might want to replace it just in case you get a wild hair and decide to ride it
  2. Oh ok will let me know once you need it I'll go drop it bye, eBay for gear, since they would grow out of it, try this place from Madera they sell those cheap quads six start Motorsports 559-706-0786
  3. Sooner or later yes, I have no truck to take it anywhere for the boys to enjoy. I still haven't gotten gears for them. I'm looking for a small quad for Elliot.
  4. Hey did you need your little bike back?
  5. Sure, I'll make sure I'm home..
  6. Hey you want to pick it up tomorrow after I get off from work?
  7. Hey theres a guy on ebay selling stuff for a YZ426 and hes from madera check it out see if you think might need something
  8. Nahh it won't be much I think!!
  9. Thanks......I'm still waiting on as to how much I owe him..
  10. I guess ill go and pick it up and put it in my garage :-D so I can atleast start it for you :-)
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