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  1. Humm... doesn't look like a bad deal. What year is it? Am I missing that in the add somewhere? Tags up to date?
  2. Right now I'm leaning more towards a DRZ400S or a newer KTM. And as I do plan on commuting a lot I also don't want it to be too much of a pig on the dirt.
  3. Anything in particular you looking for? That damn ninja 250 thread has me droolong too. Just lookong for a toy or daily driver? Sumo? More fun on the road? More fun offroad? Annual mileage?
  4. I'm in the market for a dual sport, Keep an eye out for me.
  5. Drama... My wife left her phone at work, we dont have a phone at home soooo she used the internet to txt message me to come home immediately. She forgot I had plans and that she had agreed to them and she brought home work with her from work (talk about f'ing rediculous). So I run home thinking emergency or I am up **** creek without a paddle for some reason... Nope. Just got "Oh ya thanks for coming home. What's that? Oh your plans, ya I forgot. Sorry about that I have work to do will you take the kids?"

  6. So i take it your a suspension guru after your session with Bryon yesterday.
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