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  1. Alrighty - I'll start chipping away at the Mrs. after this weekend, gotta keep it quiet about repair expenditures. I'll tell her eventually - she knows I plan on fixing it, but if she finds out I just dropped $500 on the bike the weekend before our anneversary she is gonna be seriously pissed. I'll pester her after the first when I get paid again.
  2. Your Bday weekend! No paddle. Just beer,BBQ,$h1t talk, riding and lots of sand.
  3. Awe man.... Do we have a solid date? Its not like I havent been broke and bought atupid **** when I shouldnt before. Was trying to do the resposable adult thing hah. I could prolly fix the 530 in time if late october. Let me know what dates are and what kinda equipment (paddle or DOT tires) is more ride condusive and I will make the effort to get the 530 rolling.

    I do appreciate the offer, may take you up on it still but would feel lousy if I didnt try to fix the katoom.
  4. You can ride one of my bikes. I take full responsibility on equipment.
  5. Crap... Not with $600-$800 worth of busted parts waiting to be replaced on the 530. I am submitting a request for a raise at work tomorrow (most folks in my feild make 2x to 3x more than I do) at the request of my boss's boss. Been there for 9 years total still at the absolute bottom of the pay grade. There is a very good chance I will get a significant raise. If I get word before the october trip that I got the raise I will just run up my credit card and pay it off with my raise. If not I'm gonna have to wait a bit which means no most likely.
  6. Your going the pismo.yes?
  7. That would rock. My wife fills the summer with stuff to do, so I have to put in my reservations for weekends off well in advance. What weekend you thinking?
  8. No,couldn't read the text came as pic mail. What do you think about a trip to mammoth lakes later this summer? I was thinking a 3dayer like kernville? Maybe nug and some other yahoos?
  9. You catch up with chip?
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