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  1. Hey Jan, are you not cycling anymore? Saw a couple of your posts on Biking Buddies.
  2. Jan, I think you could pick yourself up a DRZ-400 for cheap, and be very happy with it. I know also that for relatively cheap you can pump them up and they really come to life. The pros far outweigh the cons on those bikes.
  3. Hey, I have to work til about 11 on that Saturday, but I can swing by some money for dogs/burgers or pick some up. Let me know whatcha need help with.
  4. Happy Birthday Jan
  5. Hey Jan, that 400 of yours is beautiful. Was nice to see it in person. Also nice finally meeting you.
  6. Dwight Schrute!!!
  7. Can you send me a link to that rd 400, and maybe like a quick run down on it. I finally got some decent tools at home, so as soon as i can use my hands I'm gonna be looking for a fun project.
  8. Hey! I found this cool video on YouTube and I figured you may appreciate it. Has your username in it anyways! lol
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