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  1. Hey, I can get you in contact with my buddy that I ride with for Saturday. He rides his 525 everywhere, and he's a very good trail rider.
  2. Dec 1 isn't too bad.
    Just take it easy after getting back on it. I didn't with broken ribs the first time, and ended up busting them my frist time out again.
  3. And Happy Birthday by the way!
  4. Yea, it definitely sucks. It is getting better tho. I should hopefully be back on a bike around December 1st, but that's best-case scenario.
  5. Well crap... Nevermind. I went digging through yer posts and found out what happened. That stinks... Sorry man.

    How long did the Drs say you'd be out? Only thing I have broken is ribs, fingers and toes. Never busted a shoulder...
  6. How the hell did you do that?
  7. Havin a broken arm and shoulder.
  8. Whatcha doing saturday?
  9. sweet!!!
    what dijjagit?
  10. I'll be dual sportin as of tomorrow at noon
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