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  1. So, I opened my dresser drawer the other night and found all those GoPro mounts Always in the last place you look, lol
  2. Sounds good bud, don't sweat it. I won't be using it anytime soon.
  3. just got yer message. It is still at home ziptied to the bar risers... I will undo it all and bring it to work to lock up in my desk till I can catch up with you after work.
  4. I have tomorrow off, and just plan on doing some bicycling and work around the house. So basically anytime tomorrow.
  5. when is a good time to get yer gopro back to you?
  6. No not yet. Did my first physical therapy session yesterday, and am already feeling great. Thinking about doing a cruise out to maybe running horse this weekend just to get the bike hot again, but prolly gonna be another month before I can do some trail riding.

    Can't wait!!
  7. Did I read you are back in thee saddle again?
  8. RR up... Video even!
  9. Sup dude! I wanna see a ride report on your weekend ride by Monday morning! lol
  10. Sure feel free...

    two hate for - five juan juan too

    I am thinkin I am going to join the snot guys for the riding portion, BS for a bit (minimal) and mostly ride.

    What is his name?


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