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  1. Here is your supermoto setup as requested:

    Betta jump on em quick @ that pri e
  2. Hey bud, forgot I have to go to my brother's tonight for a late Christmas dinner and to give the nees and nephew gifts. Any way I can swing by tomorrow for that o-ring?
  3. I'll be home before that for sure...

    Coal. I specifically asked that I get nothing from family since I spoil myself and buy everything I want all year long. Mom bought me a tee shirt thats says I am 4 different kinds of an ass in retribution. Good times.
  4. Yes sir, I get off around 5 Tuesday. Got a jacket and a beanie because I hate clothes shopping, haha. How was your Christmas?
  5. Merry Christmas!

    Whaddja git? Aside from an O-ring?

    Speaking of - you wanna drop by tuesday for it?
  6. Merry Christmas buddy
  7. 10k?! Heck, just go buy a new one! hahaha.

    Just let me know when you're ready to do some mountain exploring.
  8. aHHAHAH missed this message till just now.

    I got an offer for a platinum visa in the mail today ... 12 mo no interest. 10k limit wooo hooo!

    I have always maintained all separate accounts from the Mrs. but man would she be pissed if I had the 530 rebuilt on credit. Might be worth though eh?
  9. I'm baaaaack! When we riding?
  10. hah... yup murphies law.
    a half dozen zip ties worked fine for me though...
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