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  1. for $70 you can get 13 months of live, the head set, a text messenger and a Project Gotham 4 at Game Stop.
  2. I heard you got GP08 on live, is this true?
  3. damn, that actually sounds nice too. Who are u riding with?
  4. man, the coast doesnt sound that bad either. Are u riding?
  5. Yo, whats happening man! You guna try to make it to the dragon this sunday?
  6. Take friant all the way up to Prather. Continue past prather until you get to Auberry RD. Take a left, follow that road till you get to the end Auberry (the city). You'll stop at a stop sign (right next to a elementary school), you can either go left (powerhouse) or right (top of the 4 lanes). If you left on power house that road will connect to Road 200 that takes you to the city of north fork.
  7. Did u still wana come check out the suit?
  8. anytime after 6 i'm free.
  9. not even, i rode my 600 to Visalia for the MSF. Theirs no one there thats going to question you. Took me 3 years to get my M1. I just kept renewing my permit. lol. good luck but u'll be fine. Guna be HOT but its still kind of fun. Make sure you stay hydrated through out the day and the night before
  10. are u riding to the meet and greet tonight?
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