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  1. Nice. I'm gonna ride Kestersons I think today.
  2. Bike is running cherry now. Thoroughly cleaned the carb, fresh premix and spark plug and all seems good now. Did a lil riding last night at RH and going back tonight after work.
  3. It was a Pro X piston, same run ive been running before. To be honest, I'm not even exactly sure what the damage is, just the way it cut out I'm guess piston. Even though my buddy took the bike through several heat cycles I think I may have ridden it to hard for the "break in".
  4. Whaaat? How did you do that? Was it a different type of piston than what you normally run? Glad it didn't send you over the bars.
  5. toasted my brand new piston last night. Seized on me mid flight and almost sent me into a face plant. Fawking suxxxx big time, bummer then bummed.
  6. Gonna try and hit the clubhouse Saturday after work, but if I don't do that I'll be dual sporting and chasing snow Monday!
  7. I hope your ready to do some Braaap'N here soon! I should be back up and running by next weekend!
  8. Coo, I'm gonna go with 32:1. Thanks mang. I'll letcha know how it runs. braap braaaap
  9. 32:1 here. Running a higher ratio may make it perform better but shorten the longevity of the the motor. Not worth it IMO, unless you were racing of course.
  10. Josh's dad is dragging me to the clubhouse, no wasn't an option lol. What ratio do you use? The Kawi manual says like 33:1, but my cousin's step son was running this thing at 40:1, I don't wanna blow it up lol.
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