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  1. How far up black rock? I can meet you some where at 5pm like at chevron on belmont n fowler 274-6655
  2. When and where do you want to ride? I get off work at 4pm everyday
  3. Hey, have you been on b group on the track yet?
  4. Cool, if you go let me know so I can go too
  5. On Blackrock when you pass the powerhouse is all dirt. You're willing to do dirt?
  6. Nice, that day when me and Jester rode up to mammoth pool was rainning, thunder storm, and we road on mud lol
  7. Exact center of California is located at 37 9' 58.00" N 119 26' 58.00" W
    Google map here
  8. Here's the link to the Utah story on
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