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  1. Let me know whenever you have a free day to kill on a weekend. I'll bring the bike up and we can tear her down. I don't have any extra funds at the moment to start ordering parts but I'd like to know what I broke and what needs to be replaced. Than once it's fixed will be the hard part, sell it, or keep it! lol
  2. If your rod has play vertically yes they went bad but is it the whole crank that has play or just your connecting rod? Yea when I rebuilt the rm I even went in and replaced shift forks and some gears in the transmission. I went all out when I rebuilt it! dude that sucks man parts are not expensive it's the labor if you have someone do it. It's generally easy you just have to make sure every spacer, washer, and gears are in there correctly. It's not hard just time consuming
  3. So the rod has tons of play in it. I wonder if the main bearing went out. You ever split the case on your old RM?
  4. first time is on ME dude just let me know when you wanna go ill pay your entree fee. i can only do weekends though lol so the suspension on the rm better now with the correct springs?
  5. Ill be out there but u know the deal, rent/bills > riding . Lol
  6. I hear ya man I've been trying to put miles on
    My bicycle. I need to work on my endurance more than anything as soon as my heart rate is up I can't hold it there I'll faint lol you need to hit Tulare soon dude don't over think it
  7. Yeah I need to fine tune my jetting too. I rode out at RH after work and felt the best I've ever felt on my bike. Was riding pretty hard and didn't get all pumped up like normal. The jogging is paying off, lol. Not this weekend but next I should have s9me extra spending money again.
  8. The 144 isn't a huge difference I just feel like it puts the power down nothing crazy but it isn't jetted right so I need to figure that out. Pretty excited man I can't wait to start racing lol
  9. I dont think I'll have the funds to go man. I got a raise recently at work but it doesn't come into effect til next pay day and money is tight till than(next Friday). Enjoying that 144?
  10. TUUUULAAAAAAREEEEE!!!! Saturday 9am lets go!
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