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  1. pads are still in....
  2. Well glad it runs better... We keep the oil filters in stock, thats why it didnt stick out for me to order one... I have them here, you can grab one when the pads come in.
  3. snap, i thought i ordered a oil filter from you guys too, we both forgot, or it wasnt in yet?
  4. man that honda dynojet kit was a ripoff! not saying anything bad about you guys, but dynojet...

    all it came with were main jets, needles, drill bit, and some stickers....

    on my buell dynojet kit, it came with a new needle, slide spring, immulsion tube, slow and main jets, AND a free dyno run.

    what a JIP! oh well. the thing runs like a raped ape now, has a hesitation issue now, but it may be because it needs a bigger slow jet, or i need to play around with the shim on the needle :/
  5. Stuffs in!
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