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  1. Crap I didn't check my notifications before the race so I didn't approach her. I did drop some flyers in the booth tho. Man, the driver of that 14 truck was PISSED during last night's race. He kept cursing at the 21 and had a vendetta against him lol. The 42 wrecked hard...very very exciting race tho.
  2. I won't be able to make the race tonight, but when you are there, Joyce Vukovich will be out front by the concessions selling shirts, go tell her Jonathan Lawson says hi, and tell her you need a shirt.
  3. Dude I can't believe I haven't seen you there either. Then again, I probably wouldn't recognize you anyways lol I suck at remembering people's faces. I am the official track photographer for the track now. Check out my website I am gonna start advertising my business tomorrow during the Vukovich classic, so I will be going to everyone's pits and handing out flyers. Oh, and check out this video! I am good friends with Elliott Stjerne, and I thought this was a funny incident lol
  4. Surprised I didn't see you at Madera the past couple weekends. Been there with the guy that has the only truck racing in the late model class. lol
  5. Hah sorry dude I didn't see your message. I was actually planning on bringing it by tomorrow if that would work for you. I think I still have your number ill send you a text.
  6. Hey bud, you guys almost done with that Jacket? The warm weather is here, and my old lady is wanting to do some riding.
  7. Cool, no rush dude, just making sure it worked out alright.
  8. Hey man. That jacket worked perfect for her. It fits her really good. We're shopping around right now for one of her own so we can return that one!
  9. Hey man, how's that jacket working out?
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