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  1. Thanks bro!!
  2. Happy Birthday Louie.
  3. Whaat, you gotta feed em daily or they're gonna eat stuff they ain't supposed to. Naw just playn, but seriously sorry to hear that. Hopefully the damage isn't to extensive/expensive. Good to hear from you though, Stay up!!!
  4. My F'n dog chewed my front fender!!!
  5. What happend Louie?
  6. Well then I shouldn't even tell you that I get up at 4:30 in the morn and at the gym by 5:30 and hit it for a hour and a half before I go to And usually at least two days out of the week I hit two a days....and go for another hour after I get out of work.
  7. Ah you know, the days change but you end up getting the same *****, just working trying to stay under the radar so to speak. Still playing ball huh, I don't see how you do it. Most days i get outta work I don't wanna do nothing but sit in front of the tube, wait for the lotto #'s to come up & wonder what I'm waiting for i don't even play the #'s. Good to see you doing well.
  8. What up man...ya, that was me. I was on my way home from the softball fields. What's been good?
  9. Whats up Louie, Think i might of seen you around 6:30ish on Ashland crossing blackstone(probably on your way home or something). Anyway decided to hit you up & see whatz crackin ya know.
  10. Damn that sucks!! Na, I didn't make it, went to the gym after work and didn't get home til about 7, by then I just said fvck it and I wont even lie about it, to and from work I usually dont wear my gear, when it is hot as it is right now. Matter of fact i'm sure the day you seen me I was in shorts and a t-shirt!! I try to wear it all the time, but sometimes it's just too hot...
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