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  1. Dude the rmz doesn't even feel like a 450 when you ride it. It is pretty bad ass.
  2. Yea. Lol still on the rm I just rebuilt everything on it remember I just put some graphics on mine as well. I'll stick with for a little while longer!
  3. To 14 1/2? I went yesterday there was a ****load of fast guys out there many racers from Fresno and some from Visalia!
  4. Lets go this weekend. I went riding at running horse late yesterday and it was a ****ing blast!!!
  5. going to 14 1/2 in 2 hrs if you wanna come down dude...its usually sandy but with it raining yesterday its gonna be f@cking awesome today.....txt me if you wanna ride dude.
  6. dude, I dotn know. I still have to work on my bike today! hahaha Running Horse? hahahaha
  7. Where we riding
  8. awesome man! thank you! So you riding tomorrow?
  9. my engine gasket kit came with 2 head gaskets one was for my model and the other gasket is for your year model that you can have. it is an athena gasket...oh and where we riding......lmao
  10. nah man, resend it
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