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  1. Gota find the tacoma I want first, sell my dodge than the dual sport.
  2. hows the dirtcicle search going?
  3. I'm having some issues with it! Cooling system.... Gonna fix it again and sell it. I love the bike but I'm a little tired of everytime I ride it's not cooling!? Maybe warped head I'm not sure but at this point I'm gonna get a 4 stroke for all around riding. Anthony might get it so I still see it lol it's completely new except for this problem :/
  4. why is that?
  5. yz 144 is gonna be put up for sale..... dont worry ill have another dirtbike by then....
  6. hahaha yeah man come get it anytime. About another 2 months before I'll have insurance.
  7. Dude I'm going to just take your rm and tear it apart man!!! You close to getting you insurance?
    Start working on it dude we will tear it down and we will call Anthony to get parts!
  8. I dont have the ranger anymore lol and no the bike is not for sale man It took me 6 months to actually find a 06 yz in good condition lol I'm actually moving to Fresno this week! Get my keys on Tuesday! My place is on Brawley near Bullard.
  9. Are you still considering selling your Ranger? I was thinking about selling my Dodge, buy a truck for the 2k range and use the rest on a dirt bike! lol
  10. I know man..........I'm starting my new job this week so I've saving money so I can get by the next couple of weeks. I really need to bring the bike over to you. So I take it the YZ isn't for sale after all?
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