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  1. Hey Kelly, I was wanting to order that PC III and get it installed and mapped asap. Finally got the money to throw into the bike. Let me know what I need to do to get the process goin.
  2. Sounds good Kelly, thanks very much.
  3. Just give me a heads up (2-3 days) so I can get your PC ordered.
  4. Awesome. That is the first thing on my list of to-do's as soon as the first of the month hits. Gotta pay some bills and I'll have the funds May 1.
  5. $525.00 normally, but I give it to CVR members for $475.00
    $275.00 for PC3 & $200 for the mapping
  6. Hey Kelly, I was just wondering what it might run me to get a PCIII installed, and mapped? k7 GSXR 750

  7. OK, just give me a call when you get close or know a day
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