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  1. I ride once a week to work and once a month up in the hills. Can't focus while riding so I'm going to put it on hold for a bit.
  2. Hey there Sam - just checkin' in on you. Just wanted to say hi. That's all.
    And i gotta ask - have you been riding at all? a little bit? just taking it easy out there? if so, i hope it is a good thing. Just saw a coupla references on the forum to you riding, and just wanted to check in.
    Take good care, my friend.
  3. Sam, doing great!! Here's food for thought (maybe you've ridden some of these already):
    1. Figueroa Mountain/Happy Camp Rd loop going northeast out of Los Olivos, just north of Buellton
    2. Chimney Rock Rd to Cypress to Klau Mine Rd, west of Paso Robles
    3. the road to Hartland/Hogback Mtn Rd loop east of Badger - awesome road. Last weekend, David and I started up the connector to 180 - Whitaker Forest - but I turned around coz of deep ruts like on Mike's SUMO ride, coz I was on the RC, which I wasnt' willing to drop. but that loop is very cool.
    4. Gloria Rd, and La Gloria Rd, between 101 and 25, just north of Soledad, is pretty fun.
    5. Roads in the Gold Country: Sheep Ranch Rd, Railroad Flat Rd, Jesus Maria Rd - dynamite roads. Further north, Shake Ridge Rd going west from 88 just west of Cook's Station is a very cool road.
    I can tell you about the conditions of any of these roads. Some are dirt, but mild dirt....
    What you got in mind?????
    How U doing?
  4. Hey Jami, how you been? Know any fun road for me to check out?
  5. I'm up and ready. I'm going to meet carl at his place then roll out.
  6. Hey Jami! What's going on? I remember you talked about black mountain rd off of pozo. I'm going to head out that way after today.
  7. Look like I'll be heading out soon to the moto guzi meet. I'll take some pic.
  8. Hey what's up jami? How have you been? Are you doing any riding this weekend? I just got off work 12 hours day. Free tomorrow and a friend ask me to go fishing but I'm not sure because I want to ride too.
  9. Ok cool 9am Sunday in lemoore. See you tomorrow morning. It's going to fun.
  10. Hey look like I can go Sunday. Time and place to meet?
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