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  1. We're like big foot. We're out there but no one has seen us
    No, I'm not the one that has been trying to replace your TPMS. That's Louis from the Orange garage. If it was me, I would of got that taken care off in a day or two

    I rode on the street for a couple of years then got hooked on track. Rode track for a few years. It got expensive fast and I wrecked twice. Didn't want to spend anymore money fixing it so i gave it up. Might get another one in the near future.
  2. Hmmm...are you one of the guys that tried to fix my tire pressure sensor on my truck? It was over a year ago. You guys are like ghosts...only reason we know you exist is because of those tags you leave

    So why don't you ride any more? My bike is all I have...and all I want. Can't see myself paying 3x more for insurance and 2x more for fuel and 2x more for As long as I don't tally up how much I spend in a year on mods and maintenance, I'll be
  3. I used to ride (pic in avatar) I'm one of the fleet tech at the Peach garage. I come to the Olive yard to pick up vehicles for servicing. As soon as you mentioned about your work, I knew your bike look familiar. Seen it a few times when I go to the Olive yard.
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