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Dec 22nd, 2009, 06:57 PM
A friend of mines brother (Tony) runs the shop out at Carnegie and has sent me this petition to sign and asks to PLEASE pass it along. So, I'm asking all who read this to please do the same. Carnegie has been around for quite sometime and is one of the best places for the dirt riders to go and ride freely. If we loose this park, it will TRUELY be another loss of freedom for our brothers and sisters who love to ride dirt. Thank You.


We, the undersigned, are in opposition to a ruling1 by Judge Frank Roesch of the Alameda County Superior Court on September 22, 2009 to close Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area near Tracy, CA based on a lawsuit filed on September 17 by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA)2. The plaintiffs are charging the California Department of Parks and Recreation and its OHMVR (Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation) Division are violating the state’s Water Code and their own regulations by allowing off-road vehicle activities to pollute Corral Hollow Creek at Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation area3. We and our families use the park to enjoy, relax and spend quality time together on land set aside for this type of use. Below are our primary objections to this ruling.

1. Carnegie SVRA is the only venue of its kind in Alameda and San Joaquin Counties used year around and its closure to protect a waterway which only runs 3 to 4 months of the year will cause undue hardship to thousands of annual visitors and area residents. To off-road enthusiasts, it’s a site rich with history dating back to the 1960s when it was frequented by Bay Area founders of the sport. Interests of the many need to be protected, in this case, despite the displeasure of the few. This reason alone, in our judgement, should be sufficient to prevent the closure of Carnegie SVRA.

2. Closure will cause local enthusiasts to have to travel to more distant OHV parks causing harm to neighboring OHV parks from overuse and to the environment at large due to longer travel distances. This consideration is lost on the plaintiffs, negating their concern and attempt at protecting the environment. This reason alone, in our judgement, should be sufficient to prevent the closure of Carnegie SVRA.

3. Closing the park will financially impact area businesses due to loss of revenues from patrons who visit Carnegie. Alameda County will see a decline in sales tax revenues, which can be devastating in these hard financial times. This reason alone, in our judgement, should be sufficient to prevent the closure of Carnegie SVRA.

4. Adjacent to Carnegie OHV is the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Site 300, a restricted Department of Energy site used for testing nuclear weapons and chemical explosives. According to a San Francisco Chronicle article dated July 21, 2005 “the site is contaminated with toxics including trichloroethylene, tritium and depleted uranium”4 and it was classified as a Superfund site by the EPA in 19875, making it among the most severely contaminated areas in the nation. How can any responsible and objective third party definitively conclude the damage to Corral Hollow Creek is caused by patrons of Carnegie and not Site 300? This reason alone, in our judgement, should be sufficient to prevent the closure of Carnegie SVRA.

For these reasons we strongly oppose the closure of Carnegie SVRA and urge you to reverse this ruling.

Link to actual pettition


Also here is a little write up by Don Amador.

My concern was the uncertainty of the verbal court decision issued December 18 that said the STAY expired on December 29. Historically, state laws, regulations, and court decisions often take effect one minute after midnight on the cited day. I did not want to be telling riders for certain that the park would be open December 29 if there was ANY doubt in my mind.

It has been The General’s experience that verbal court decisions can change or be interpreted differently between when the court issues the verbal decision and when the affected parties actually receive the hard copy of the court document.

Since the verbal decision was issued, The Recreation HQ contacted OHMVR and requested that his office be informed when the Division received the actual document that would verify if the park was open until the close of business on December 29 or if the park was closed one minute after midnight on December 29.

Just this morning, I received confirmation from OHMVR that in fact the park would remain open for public use until the unit closes on December 29. That confirmation is based on hard copy documents OHMVR received on December 21. Note link above to hard copy that I got off the court website.

That information is good news as it will allow riders one more day to enjoy the park. In the meantime, OHV luminaries, legendary racers, business owners, and others are planning to be at the park on Monday December 28 for fellowship and trail rides. The Monday fellowship also works well for families that are taking a long vacation weekend and already have the day off.

At the end of the day, I don’t think there was anything wrong with the OHMVR’s original post that the park would be open through the end of business on December 29 v.
The General’s more pessimistic/jaded “wait and see” approach. Both are valid.

Thanks for staying involved and engaged in the Battle for Carnegie. I believe the time is rapidly approaching for a targeted letter writing campaign. Stay tuned.

Dec 23rd, 2009, 09:41 AM
I understand alot of you may not know what or where Carnegie is. It is the local hill riding off road park just west of Tracy. When they succeed to shut down this park, you can bet their intentions will be turned towards La Grange or Hollister. They (enviromentalists) will not be happy until all our off road parks are shut down. They've been fighting off roaders for years, and when they win over one park. It just makes the next fight easier for them. You don't have to be a dirt rider to sign this petition, just someone who believes in keeping some of our land free for us to use.

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Dec 23rd, 2009, 09:58 AM
Thanks guys!

Dec 23rd, 2009, 10:01 AM
Thanks guys!

I've only ridden Carnegie one time about 6 years ago, but it is definitely a fun spot and needs to stay open.

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Jan 2nd, 2010, 09:58 AM
I thought i'd post this up the same group is going after hollister hills srva park.please take some time to voice your opinion.

Jan 2nd, 2010, 07:47 PM
I thought i'd post this up the same group is going after hollister hills srva park.please take some time to voice your opinion.

Well that sounds about right!:mad: You know as soon as they achieve shuttin down these parks they'll go after the road courses.

Some of the guys up there in Sacramento want to go ride around the Capital on their dirt bikes. I say we get adresses to these people who is pushing these issues and go ride on their lawns, since their taking away the places that ARE for us.:evilgrin0013: