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Jan 22nd, 2009, 11:33 AM
Just passing along some 411 from the AMA...

Help Save the California OHV Trust Fund! Information Alert Tell the Governor and the State Legislature to Leave the OHV Trust Funds Alone!! More Info

The latest version of the Governor's proposed budget includes a $90M "loan" from the OHV Trust Fund to help balance the states budget. The "loan" would be taken out of the acquisitions fund account, and would not affect the ongoing grants program or the State SVRA system. However these funds, which are collected specifically to enhance and expand the state OHV system, are wholly funded through user collected fees, not general state tax dollars. While we understand that the state is in the grip of the worst budget crisis in history, this proposal is simply not acceptable.

What can you do?

It is urgent that all OHV users get in touch with their state legislators as soon as possible. Tell them this proposal is unacceptable. As you may remember, in response to the Wilson Administrations raid on these same funds years ago, the funds are now in a trust fund and must be repaid, as per. state law. Therefore this is simply an accounting trick and will only postpone the hard economic choices facing the legislature and the administration.

Since the passage of Senate Bill 742 these funds have been a top priority for the OHV division and community, and in fact over $30 million in projects are currently "shovel ready" and awaiting final authorization. Important points to raise in your letter include:

The OHV community volunteered to raise our fees in SB 742 in order to keep this program operating smoothly
Ask your legislators if they signed a "no borrowing pledge", and remind them you expect them to stand by that promise
Borrowing from state funds that must be repaid does not solve the budget problem, it only defers dealing with the problem to a later date
Using a trust fund as a revenue source sets a bad precedent. Trust funds are established to protect public funds for specific purposes.

Fax or email your letter today!!!

To comment directly to the governor visit: http://gov.ca.gov/interact

To find your state representative got to: http://www.legislature.ca.gov/

Jan 23rd, 2009, 10:06 AM
I know it sucks that they are raiding our funds for other purposes but it seems to me that they havn't used the funds for the purposes they initally tricked us into handing it over to them in the first place . We havn't seen a new riding area in at least 30 years and my riding area list has more and more sites crossed off all the time. Our precious funds are used for fences and babysitters writing tickets and manufacturing us into "criminals ". Seems to me the sooner they run out of money the better because then they'll not have any interest in stalking (patroling) our riding areas anymore. Once the money's gone their gone....good riddance . I've often thought we should boycott sending green sticker fees till they get their act together,(probably never). And another thing dammit if you call a site a green sticker park it puts it on the list for the flower children to protest and close or keep making smaller until everybody is on top of each other. I don't mind paying for something if I get it but they have doubled our fees and we get the same nuthin for twice the price. The best riding we had was during that "crisis"a number of years ago when they closed the parks due to lack of funds , the gates were locked so no oncoming traffic and no helpful rangers ! Woo hoo I felt like a grown up , capable of making my own decisions. No worries mate!