View Full Version : WTB: Needed: Hot weather offroad upper body armor

Sep 15th, 2013, 02:36 PM
So my gear is approaching ancient... And my jacket already died last ride.

Those mesh everywhere except the elbow shoulder and chest things seem a little inadequate versus puncture wounds like tree limbs pointed at you. And most mesh is too thin and not porous enough. I really would like something heavy duty mesh that flows a dirt load of air but would stop a 3/8" stick from going through my bicep at 35 mph and includes intergrated armor in the shoulder and elbows. I liked my roost guard over jacket set up but if there is something that offers chest and back protection as well that'd be a bonus.

Also need a hydration pack... expandable, heavy canvas preferred 2 liter bladder capacity. I went and looked at GI Jims in prather... there was one but storage was not expandable and pvc parts inside looked too fragile to withstand frequent get offs.

Anyone have gear that didn't work out for them they wanna offload that might fit the bill? Otherwise suggestions for manufacturers or models are appreciated.