View Full Version : TRADE: Protaper Contour CR Mid for superbike/ flat bar

Apr 2nd, 2013, 09:19 PM
I have an uncut silver color Pro Taper fat bar with the CR mid bend. I got the bar used but uninstalled from a member of the board. Iv run it for four thousand miles on my FZ1 so there are two small drill spots where the hand controls are. There is likely to be some glue under the grips and there are some slight paint blemishes... What I am looking for is a more flat bar, straight or one with the "superbike bend" like what was on a old GS500E I rode. I simply want to adjust the riding position to be more forward, over the triple, not set slightly back as it is now... The bike has never been tipped over with these mounted- they are perfectly straight. If your handle bar is a 7/8" that is fine, I have adapters that fit nearly all 7/8" bar mounts. They are still mounted but I could take care of that in about 10 mins so if anyone is up for a trade let me know!