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Jun 18th, 2007, 09:41 AM
For those of you who have not heard, the government is implementing regulation on motorcycles for exhaust. At present their has not been consumer level implementation, but that will change in the near future. At present, motorcycle shops are being busted for doing performance tuning and exhaust modifications, to the tune of a $10k fine per instance. The plan is by 2008 to begin smogging and inspecting motorcycles for exhaust and modification for the two previous model years then eventually expanding to include even older bikes.

What this means to the average rider: 1) keep your stock exhaust 2) Most shops will not install or performance tune your street bike 3) jet kits that modify the bike's performance are no longer allowed 4) In the near future your bikes as new as 2006 model year can be called in for annual smog checks

More info here (http://www.aimag.com/epa/)
EPA Actual Text (http://www.epa.gov/otaq/roadbike.htm)
Simple Text Article on Subject (http://www.abatecmro.org/epa_regulations.htm)
AMA on the subject (http://www.amadirectlink.com/news/2006/EPA.asp)
Another Article (http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/newsandupdates/january_2_2006_news/)

Just thought you guys should be aware of what is coming down the line to all of us. My understanding is that the Feds will be adopting the CA standards Nationwide in 2008. This means the 49 state models of bikes will be gone and everyone will be stuck with the California smog equipment. This also effects lots of small manufacturers and custom builders. In fact, West Coast Choppers Jesse James was recently nabbed for over $300k in fines for his exhausts. He offered to correct the problem on all shipped bikes, the government said no, we just want the money.