Random me's

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  1. Few friends at the top of the hill.
  2. Jose Basin rd.
  3. I sure as hell did!
  4. Loaded up
  5. First ride on the new bike
  6. MX track all to ourselves, who wouldn't be happy?
  7. Lost my hitch cover
  8. weeee
  9. My "twin" and I shootin' the breeze. (Me on the left) lol
  10. Hittin the jumps at Woodward
  11. Night mudding
  12. She's dirty, and broken
  13. Wheelie Will, meet Endo Jon
  14. Climbin on up
  15. Side shot climbing up a small rock waterfall (during the winter)
  16. Sittin pretty
  17. SOLD
  18. I was tired.
  19. braap
  20. Clean.
  21. Toy(ota)
  22. Night time cruise
  23. Total Chaos upper control arms (with uni-ball) 
Icon 2.5 remote reservoir shocks 
13" of overall travel
  24. Camping! My second love.
  25. Big Mack
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