3/28/09 (Glennville, Kernville, Lake Isabela, Bodfish/Caliente)

Awesome ride!!!!
  1. Taking in the fresh mountain air, and cliffside views..
  2. Our pathway among the moutain view and trees.
  3. This was a nice spot picked out by Forest...
  4. Cynthia and Forest, frozen majestically....
  5. Another Bloodstripe photo opportunity...(thanks to Cynthia for the photography)
  6. A casualty of the open road...
  7. The road ahead...
  8. Stopped to take in the countryside views
  9. Incredible scenary!
  10. Forest & Cynthia chattin' with the Triumph riders.
  11. 2 very sweet Triumph's
  12. Bloodstripe gettin' his photo shoot on...
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