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major squid

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Aug 20th, 2008, 01:01 PM
good old days
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  1. Big Kahuna
    Nice the see you finally found a bike that fits you.
  2. hippylong
    my fav pic..
    its that the one launched in the tow video?
  3. kidmoua
    yup..thats the little one that got launched
  4. King Tone
    tightest pic ever lol
  5. 1"ckNstrIps
    You look like bryon does on his gxsr. (track day pics from BW in Nov)
    I believe the exact line was "I look like a Monkey F*^ing a football"
    Hehe you guys goin to the Feb 15/16 day??
  6. GsxR1000Ryda
    Tell me you didnt loop back!?
  7. kidmoua
    ^^ I didn't.. cant you see, I covered my rear brakes
  8. UFO
    I think he just photoshopped out the stick under the front tire...
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