My Life

All things in my life.
  1. I like this one
  2. the kiddos Fatty Madison Caleb and Aiden1rs
  3. My first attempt at photo shop
  4. Random bathroom pic
  5. Jeff and Mindy I hate this pic but she loves it.
  6. Give that guy a sandwich
  7. Bravo soldier bootcamp days
  8. Finally after 4 Years I get my bike
  9. I love this bike
  10. I know guys dont cry but it is hard when there is a bike this beautiful.
  11. hmmm
  12. Old School
  13. When I first got it. Before the bar fight he was in.
  14. So cute. Too bad I hate small dogs!
  15. Me, if I were a dog.
  16. The truth about Fedor.
  17. Gina Carano. Umm yeah...
  18. Sexy Rexy OG. My first rex.
  19. Dream CBR1000RR
  20. Disneyland, the happy place on earth! Except for me.
  21. Bond, Jeffrey Bond.
  22. Our bikes
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